About Us
Get the REST.com is to be the leader that assists communities in deterring foreclosure, preventing displacement of families, and to provide financial preparation for a strong future by instilling ownership of financial direction. The vision is to exonerate the attitude of entitlement allowing clients to have clarity, balance, and focus in planning a course for financial liberty with knowledge and confidence.
Education is the corner stone of Get the REST.com and empowering communities with the knowledge, tools and information is our movement. We have the ability to provide a basket of products and services through our professional network that complement each other in order for our clients to thrive.
Our experience has been in the mortgage, real estate and financial services industry. We have broadened our scope to technology by providing on line tools that assist in the communication, packaging, and delivery of HAMP products to servicers and lenders. The development of software that increases communication and decisions between homeowners and servicers to reduce transaction times for short sales and loan modifications is essential in todayís market place. Learn more about us at www.Getthe REST.com
Get the REST Report.com is a tool provided to homeowners to assist in the process of obtaining a successful loan modification, and other debt related issues. Get the REST.com Inc. can provide support, information and direction for homeowners.
However, should you decide that you want to be represented by a licensed and qualified attorney, we can provide a referral to a vetted and qualified attorney with experience in working with lenders and servicers modifying loans. Our qualified staff has worked with consumer and has successfully negotiated more than a thousand loan modifications over the last with two years with national lenders. As a result, our agents are extraordinarily qualified to educate and arm homeowners so that, even when not represented by an attorney, their efforts to modify their loans have a higher chance of success.
Along with the REST Report, you will also get access to our knowledge base, including our step-by-step guide on how to prepare a complete package for submission to your lender, and what you need to know about the negotiation process related to obtaining the modification on your own. Once you purchase your report, you will be provided a login and password that will give you access to a second menu bar at the top of the page, that will provide resources, training, and relevant materials so you can work on a modification yourself if you are so inclined. There will also be access to an attorney referral form, for attorneys who work in your area.
Some borrowers pay attorneys thousands of dollars to help them get their loans modified. They enter trial modification periods and make months of trial payments. But without the REST Report, neither you, nor your attorney can be sure that you qualify for a HAMP loan modification. And if you donít qualify, no attorney can talk a lender or servicer into granting a HAMP modification.